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Thread: New Stalking Scope?

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    New Stalking Scope?

    Looking to purchase a new deer stalking scope sub 1k. Will be using it for Fallow stalking mostly but also for fox lamping and red deer on the hill.

    Will go on top of my Tikka T3 243. (Currently got a leupold 3-12x40, but doesnt gather enough light for early mornings)

    Any suggestions? Heard the new Zeiss conquests are good?

    Not sure if to get IR or not?

    Any suggestions very welcome

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    You can buy the Zeiss Duralyt 3x12-50 at a discount now that the Conquest has been launched. You will have change from your grand that you can use for something else!

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    have a look for a second hand 7x50 zeiss diatal illuminated, you won,t need anything else

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    you get asv with the conquest dl 3-12x50 .and on the zeiss web it say's they do them in x56 obj but never seen them for sale ! under a grand at swillingtons .ZEISS CONQUEST DL 3-12X50 ILL

    Model : Illuminated

    the asv /bdc is 1069 zeiss say out to 400 but as with other asv wonder what it could do with a custom turret ?
    thinking about the same scope myself.

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    thanks for the info, alot of my deer are taken at less than 180yrd so the ASV would be mostly surplus to requirements..

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    Not knowing anything about how you hunt, I can only say that, from a stand, a 6x42 Leupold, Kahles or Zeiss, the 7x50 mentioned above, an 8x56 would be ideal.

    But if you are truly stalking wood and field, with jump shots, close shots, long shots, a good 1.5-6x42 with German #4 will handle everything from a moving boar under your stand at night to a fox at 400 yards at dusk or dawn.

    Yes, would look at IR. The Leupold VX-R is very nice, and not large, maintaining the balance of a Tikka T3.

    If you like high power, like 3-12 or 3-16, look at the 50mm and 56mm Minox or Meopta, and the Bushnell 6500.
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	243.jpg 
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ID:	43206I would take a meopta meostar r1 rd in il k4 850 3 x12x 56 much better than the zeiss for the money thats what i have. I look at the zeiss duralyt but didn't think much of the build Q .As for light gathering on the meopta i compared it to a s&b clasic and it was on the same level .very under rated scopes .Thats my meopta on my 243
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