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Thread: Salmon and Sea Trout Poaching

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    Salmon and Sea Trout Poaching

    Pro poachers suspected of illegal sea trout haul - Edinburgh Evening News

    makes you sad and cross - especially as it's wasted. The only way to stop poaching is to make it a heavy offence on business owners to deal in illegally obtained game.

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    A,crying shame. Some nice fish amongst that lot.


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    Here's the article and Picture - note the journalist - if anybody any clear deer poaching stories can we get some publicity????

    A POACHER’S net containing a haul of 60 sea trout worth as much as 1500 has been pulled from a “fragile” river.
    The discovery – the largest of its kind in 15 years – in the River Tyne in Haddington has been described as a “professional operation”.
    Illegal netting of salmon and sea trout is regarded as a serious wildlife crime – poachers use large, fine nets which capture fish by the gills, causing them to suffer a slow death.
An investigation is now under way, with fishing experts worried about the effect on already-low stocks in the river.
    Brian Davidson, operations director of the Association of Salmon Fishery Boards, said: “This is a significant find from such a small river like the Tyne, particularly when fish stocks are low at the moment naturally. Normally, you get two or three fish trapped in nets but this looks like a professional operation.
    “It’s significant for Scotland. It’s a fragile river and easily poached. I haven’t seen an incident like this on the Tyne for ten to 15 years. It’s not commonplace but does happen throughout Scotland.”
Wildlife crime officers have urged anyone who may have witnessed any illegal activity to come forward.
    Mr Davidson added: “These people are criminals. This will affect future generations of sea trout in the river because these fish will not reproduce.”
    The nets, due to the way they are set and concealed, also present a serious danger to other aquatic life, such as otters, birds and other wildlife.
    East Lothian Provost Ludovic Broun-Lindsay warned that organised criminals may be responsible.
    He said: “There can be big money involved in it and if there’s organised gangs involved it can become quite a serious problem. These are often a group of men who are not adverse to a bit of violence if they don’t get their way.
    “It’s deeply depressing that this sort of random theft does occur. Those that buy items from poachers – which are mostly businesses – must hold their hands up and know they are supporting illegal activity.
    “It’s a crime to take fish without permission, it’s damaging for the ecology of the Tyne and the nets are damaging to the river bed.”

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    Thais just the amount they were caught with.Judging by the haul and apparent work of professionals who knows how long and how many fish were caught.
    Really pisses me off.

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    And the really frustrating thing is that the Police don't seem to be taking poaching of any description seriously - look at recent postings on Deer poaching

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    Sadly there are no proper river bailiffs these days,and I can count on one hand how many times someone has asked to see my licence when fishing
    At over 70 for a salmon and sea trout rod licence,the EA should be doing a bit more imo,and publicly show that they are prosecuting poachers.
    This along with deer poaching goes far from the point of putting food on the table,and feeding the family.
    It is of course a well run organised crime that is on the rise and unless a stern sentence and not just a slap on the wrist with community service,it wont put people off.

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    Not much poaching is about putting a meal on the family table.
    That romantic notion has long gone.

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    its very sad but its big business now, anything if it can be bought cheaper will be poached/stolen supply and demand im afraid, resturaunts/pubs/hotels/shops if they werent buying they wouldnt be selling, it stinks the police cant be bothered,

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