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Thread: Greetings from the Colonies

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    Greetings from the Colonies

    I'm in the US,not to far north from NY City(about 2 hrs drive),and I am trying to get a feel for hunting in the UK.

    Trying to put a hunt together for CWD,at some point in the next two years.

    I hunt mainly with a Blaser,270 win,300 RUM,8x57,28 ga. barrels.

    Birds with a 20ga O/U with extra 28 ga set in Beretta,or a 12 ga 391 semi auto.

    Here our laws on gun ownership are rather liberal and frankly I hunt with a lot more including several other rifles,shotguns,handguns and compound bow.

    We hunt mainly Whitetail Deer and Black Bear for big game.Turkeys, pheasant,and some woodcock for game birds.Ducks and geese for waterfowl.And a host of small game;coyote,fox,squirrels....

    To me its about the hunt,not the inches or in this case centimeters;and the company of good sportsmen....


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    welcome you will find here all the help you need and I'm sure you can regale us we details of your hunting of the whitetail there are enough contacts here for you to be able to make your arrangements for a trip over here as is often the case most people on here know of some one who they can put you in touch with to make any dream hunt come true all the best and happy hunting

    all the best Ash

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    Thank you Ash for the warm greeting;

    I don't know how much I can regale you with some N. American hunting but will try my best.

    I should have added since this is a UK site, that yes;

    Dinsdale is from the comedy series Monty Python,and I do respond to it;as my brother called me this throughout our growing up....and still does some 30 years later.

    I grew up near Niagara Falls,NY not far from Toronto,Canada and BBC programming was a staple to watch from Canadian television stations.


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    Welcome to the site! You've come to the right place to get a feel for hunting in the UK.

    You'll also find that - despite some of the humourous quotes suggesting the opposite - a lot of us look to the States with envy when it comes to hunting. Mind you, we can hunt deer all year round over here and don't have tag limits

    To see what I mean by envy, do a search on this site for 'Cabelas'

    As Ash said, if you've a desire to come and hunt in the UK you'll find all the connections you need to make a trip of a lifetime right here.


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    Hello Dinsdale,
    and welcome to the site, just to make you feel welcome I think this is the American side, if so which is your house? so that we know if we are passing by

    and this is the Canadian side, I think


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    It doesn't look that big from where I'm sat
    I had a mate who grew up in Buffalo she used to laugh when we told her that we'd been crippled by 2 inches of snow She's moved down to Boulder hoping to go there this September, her fella does a bit of hunting so should be fun. I've another mate who lives near Ann Arbour, I've just checked the map and it's only 250 miles but there appears to be a big stretch of water in the way
    Welcome to the site

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    JAYB you are indeed correct on your geography,and have identified both falls correct.

    The top pic is the "American Falls";just to the left above the rim is the blue/green glass building is were my father worked as an accountant for 25+ years.

    My brother house is on a large island upriver and if the conditions are correct you can see the mist rising from the Falls.

    My families house is about a 15 minute drive away in a suburb of Buffalo.

    I know the area very well and if anyone ever heads that way,I know of several unusual places that are not listed in the usual guide stops.Fishing is very good both above the falls and particularly in the gorge below.Salmon and steelhead.Bass in the lakes on either end of the Niagara River,Erie and Ontario.

    Cheers <<<see learning already


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