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Thread: IOR Binoculars

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    IOR Binoculars

    Does anyone have any experience of the IOR binos, as opposed to the scopes?

    They seem fantastic value, so any comments would be much appreciated, before I take the plunge.


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    Sorry no but I will add my standard suggestion when chosing Binoculars and that is to visit an RSPB reserve and check out their shop on site and see when the optics try out daysa re as you can actualyl try them out in the field on the reserve which is much better than just looking down the street outside a shop Sadly we don't all live within easy reach of the better reserves I wa slucky and used to live not too far from Pulbrough Brooks and did just that.

    It was an eye opener for sure.

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    Cheers for the input Brit. I have had a squint through most top end binos at one time or another and have a pair if Leupolds that do a great job.

    It's just that I've seen the IORs for a good price and was wondering if anyone has a pair. I had a look at their scopes on the SD range day up in Dumfries last year, so I know they are a nice piece of glass.


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    Since you put this post up I have been trawling on the web. Very interesting, they use the same glass as the East German Karl Zeiss. Border Barrels have a few of them on sale for 300 ish but I have seen them on the web for 200. Seemingly IOR supplied the Soviet Army and they are very highly thought of. There are some good reviews out there too.


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    Various ones going on E-Bay but these unused 7x40's are up for 100.00+30.00 postage, seems like a good deal.

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