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Thread: Orvis customer service

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    Orvis customer service

    This probably doesnt belong in here but seeing as there are a lot of flyfishers amongst us I just wanted to sing the praises of Orvis.

    I have an Orvis frequent traveller 5wt rod (its a 7 piece job thats travelled the world with me)
    Some time ago I lost a piece from the third section from the top.
    Last week I was in touch with Orvis UK and sent the rod back to them.
    Today my rod arrived back with a new section along with another replacement for one of the other sections that had a bit of a scratch on

    Great service.
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    You're spot on Tony

    they really know how to treat their customers. downsides are their products are mediocre at best and priced high end.

    I've been into orvis big time, but realised the place to be is RL Winston, Sage, Loomis and SIMMS

    however, yes, very good service, you're quite right.

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    Totally agree with you there, i would much rather have a reliable product that i didnt have to send back for replacement or repair, sadly the quality of their product has taken a downward slide over the past few years, but as said, the customer service is second to none.
    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    You're spot on Tony

    they really know how to treat their customers. downsides are their products are mediocre at best and priced high end.

    I've been into orvis big time, but realised the place to be is RL Winston, Sage, Loomis and SIMMS

    however, yes, very good service, you're quite right.

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    I use this rod with a little CFO and its a nicely balanced setup from the days before orvis became reddington and things went downhill.
    Thomas and Thomas, sage and loomis are my other 'travel' rods being 4 piece but the compact size of the 7 piece I find packs away easier than the 4piece jobs.
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    Having originally started with Orvis I moved over to Scott about 15 years ago. I have to say that I really liked the old Orvis kit, and found it pretty robust to boot.

    With Scott, I now have three of their trout rods and one salmon rod, all of which I've been very happy with. I slipped and fell whilst salmon fishing and must have jarred the bottom section, as next time I had a salmon on it snapped. Off it went to Teluride, Colorado and back came a new rod. The 4-piece 8'6 4 WT met with a similar unfortunate accident, though not with a salmon, and again back came a new section. All of this was free gratis.

    Unlike Hardy, who wanted to charge me over half the price of a new rod to replace a section.

    I am happy to pay for good kit, but I do expect the after-sales service to be top notch as well. The price of fishing kit, in particular, seems to have sky-rocketed in recent years. Given the somewhat hazardous nature of how the kit is used, I would find it hard to shell out hundreds of pounds on a rod if I thought that one accident might confine it to the bin.

    But then I'm still catching salmon on the 50 Orvis salmon rod for which I was the only eBay bidder
    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Orvis = manufactured in the far east
    Sage/simms = manufactured in USA
    Not that it is all bad that comes from the far East, they make good carbon.

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    Sorry to hijack thread but seemed a perfect time / place to ask

    I frequently travel with work & keep thinking bout a travel rod ... Be it fly or a spinning outfit ( seen combo outfits online)

    my my experience amounts to mucking bout on trout ponds badicalky

    if looking for a travel outfit packs down well / light weight ... Not necessarily "cheap" but good value
    what would you recommend ? Reel n rod wise ?... I'm left handed so would need to be able to be right hand wind


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    I havent had an orvis but can't say the same for Greys - there customer service is absoloutley attroicious, i bought a g-tec 9'6'' and took it out, the first day it snapped about 6 inches from the top mid cast. Lifetime no quibble warranty so i called them up and they said send the bit away so after paying the postage, the one of repair cost and the return postage i was nearly 80. So all good and well, rod was ok for two year with very light use (maybe half dozen times) then it snapped again in the mid section. Contacted greys again regarding the lifetime warranty and they informed me they no longer made that rod but they would give me the equivallent top of the range rod with 100 of rrp which was then 225. So i paid all that money for a lifetime warranty that lasted two years. Anyway with threats to trading standards etc they managed to find a mid section but still charged me the 80 postage/handling?one off repair cost. I searched on the internet and found lots of people complaining about this exact rod, same length, weight, which had been snapping regular, i said this to Greys who denied it completely and said all there rods were fine!! It now sits in the cupboard as ive lost all faith in it and ended up getting a sage which hasnt let me down. Needless to say i wont deal with greys again.

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    I last September i was watching a you tube video on the new Hardy Zenith fly rod being tested in their Test jig, i was amazed how strong it was.
    a few weeks later one came up on ebay so i bought it, i have been using it all winter and was very pleased with the rod but about six weeks ago i fished Powder mill in Sussex on a windy day and after a few casts the top section snapped, next day i rang hardys thinking that they would want to inspect the broken tip but they were not at all interested and as i was not the original owner charged 152 for the tip section,
    So i will not be buying any more hardy Products.
    Cheers Geoff

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    Another good thing about Orvis is, if you are fishing in the States, they have Orvis Stores in big cities, and have Orvis dealers and guides in all sorts of small trout fishing areas, not just the big name waters. So if you have a problem, you can often walk in and get it fixed or someone to facilitate a replacement, or a loaner.

    sauer -
    I had a friend, who used to teach rod building and fly casting, to help me build a travel rod from Loomis blanks. I made a grip for a fly rod with a screw on cap, so I can add an extension grip for spinning. The sections for the fly rod are soft, while the spinning rod are more stiff. I can travel with one set up or both. I use an inexpensive Shimano fly reel with the spinning sections for bigger fishing in streams or bass bugs. I use a Ross 5 wt with the soft fly section. Reels are a new Penn Battle and an older Shimano Stradic SP3000, both sal****er reels. The Stradic is outstanding in the 2500 and 3000 size on a lighter spinning rod. $200 in the rod(s), $100 in each reel.

    One thing to watch is the price of extra spools. Some brands eat you alive on them.. I want a couple of spools, one floating and one WF Sinking.

    If you buy a reel which has been made a long time, like the Stradic, or some of the Orvis or Penn Spinfishers, you can get them repaired. Most reels now, even expensive ones, are rubbish once they break or wear a bit - no parts.

    I broke a plastic part on on a Penn spinning reel while catching a 90 lb shark, and sent it to them. They replaced the plastic part with a metal one, and the entire drag system with an improvement, for free.
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