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Thread: cz 455 will thumbhole stock fit

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    cz 455 will thumbhole stock fit

    hi guys i have a cz 455 17hmr i just got it and its a great little gun ,but i saw a thumbhloe stock on ebay last nite and now i think i might change the stock its only 80 but my cz is the small barrel that is tapered ,so my question is will it fit or if it does will it have spaces were the barrel drops in ,because do thumbhole cz 455 have a heavy barrel which would be wider than mine ,id love if it worked but dont want it to look silly ...thanks guys...brian...n.ireland

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    yup if you need to just file it its only wood, i have fitted a 455 stock to my 452 .22lr standard barrel the stock is a varmint same as yours Attachment 43229. i just had to re-drill the front pillar screw mounting job done 20 mins done zeroed

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    what do you guys mean by bedding the barrel will i need to do that or will it be ok ...thanks

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    i got my stock sorted and found out how to bed it myself..

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