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Thread: Case chamfer tool

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    Case chamfer tool

    Can anyone recomend a case chamfer tool to work with 234 WSSM cases.

    My Lee tool does the internal but hits the shoulder before it touches the neck to do the external.

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    What about the Lyman inside/outside tool, does both at the same time.
    Lyman Inside Outside Deburring Tool
    Think Bushwear do them.


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    How about the Lee Quick Trim
    I haven't used one myself yet but another club member swears by them as being quick and easy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    How about the Lee Quick Trim
    I haven't used one myself yet but another club member swears by them as being quick and easy.
    Has anyone tried this and how good is it? . . . looks good

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    I've been using mine on 2 calibres for about 6 months and like it very much.

    Get the deluxe version - it trims, chamfers inside and out and is adjustable to .001".
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    2 p worth

    i use my old rcbs chamfer and beburring tool you should never over do it i just touch mine up just to ease /aid the f b bullet in on vld i don't bother i also polish with french polishers wire wool when done . cheap and kiss

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    I use my RCBS tool to remove the trimming burrs but then flare the case mouth with a Lee Universal Neck Expander die. It imparts a very gentle flare that accepts the bullet base. Seating is straighter and I don't shave off a lot of brass.~Muir

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    I would use my old RCBS tools made for them by Wilson. When I misplaced it went to buy a new one but they are dreadful now and very poorly/cheaply made IMHO. Luckily I located my original but now I would buy one from Wilson direct via the web or from one of the online places but would not pay out for the RCBS branded one now ......................................... not until the return to the original quality that is.

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    K&M VLD chamfer tool, simply the best!!

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    ive used the lee one and same as you wont touch the outside of the case neck
    i had a bad batch [major burr] of ppu cases and my RCBS one wouldn't do it either
    so got a Redding one 21 and that did them no problem

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