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Thread: Excellent customer service from Macleods and Leica

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    Excellent customer service from Macleods and Leica

    I just want to publicly acknowledge Gregor Macleod and Leica for some excellent customer service provided to me recently.

    I bought a pair of Leica Geovids from Macleods of Tain about 7 years ago and they have been excellent. However, during a recent trip to New Zealand, both tubes fogged up at the top of a mountain on the last day of our hunt. As soon as I got back i contacted Gregor who advised me to send them back to him. He dispatched them back to Leica and two and a half weeks later, a brand new pair arrived on my doorstep!

    Thank you Gregor and Leica. They might be expensive but you get what you pay for, not only an excellent product but great customer service.


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    there are a few reasons to pay the money & buy 'best' quality products, not least the after sale service. Gregor is a thoroughly reliable supplier too...he's in business for the long haul, not just a quick buck. ATB
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    I wish other manufacturers would stand by their products like that. I recently contacted meopta about a scope which had had a speck appear in the sight picture. It was outside their warranty period of 10 years admittedly, but I expected them to be far more helpful and want to advise or discuss options. The UK manufacturer basically said tough and I have emailed meopta several times with no reply. I did'nt argue as I just will not give them my business again, and I will send it to action optics. A real shame as its a great scope which I really like, but I would never buy another one now! with an attitude like that.

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    +1 on Gregor recently bought a rifle from him and he was a pleasure to do business with, a real gent
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    Karamojo I wish you had posted just a hour earlier because I have just dumped a pile of emails off my computer and I could have provided an individual's email address for Meopta.
    I have found the company to be very good in the past but like many of the other scope manufacturers have probably had to become slightly less flexible in stretching warranties for commercial reasons in recent times.
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    I must say that I had a similar experience. After using a pair of range finding binos daily for about 10 years in all kinds of weather, one of the tubes fogged up. They were returned to Gregor. Leica replaced them with a brand new set. Its not often that you get such good backup service, so I highly recommend both Gregor and Leica

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    Hi 8x57, Never mind! Its a shame because the scope and optic is excellent. I will just send it down to action optics, they are quick and effective.
    Cheers -K

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