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Thread: what you don, t expect

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    what you don, t expect

    While up on our ground in huntly this saturday night iwas sat over looking the clear fell and the edge of the wood below , been there about hour &half (mate had seen two bucks the night before) When out the corner of my eye to my left (20yards)I saw a dark purple round crash hat slowly lift from behind a gorse bush(yes i said the same)what the f in hell , on standing I find it, s a hang glider bloke just setting up i had a few harsh words with him and let him carry on 40yrds back as I was walkin back to my kit i saw a roe on the side of the clear fell now I, m really pissed off , it turned out it was a doe.Iwas hoping he would put some heads up with his brite orange canopy but no.
    I packed up and went to high seat and returned about 2hours later, saw a sall buck on the clear fell but light was fading fast.Blanked again but a story to tell

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    There's got to be a purple helmet joke in there somewhere!!!!
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    must have been blown off course a bit they are doing the displays in IOM TT,
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    And I bet on the there is a post from a paraglider pilot saying "I had landed and was packing up my gear when some nutter with a rifle came out from behind a bush and started swearing at me and he couldnt tell the difference between a paraglider and hanglider" !!!!

    I can see both sides of the arguement having been a stalker and a paraglider pilot for well over 20 years. Its a small crowded island and we just to have to live and let live. There are only a few times a year when the wind is correct for flying, and only a few times a year when its correct for stalking. One site that I do fly is over quite a bit of forestry - I know where all the deer live and they are not at all worried when you land close to them with a bright orange and red canopy. I have been flyfishing once - walked up to the Hill above the cottage in Torridon with my wing and a hardy smuggler trout rod. Took off and flew deeper into the hills. Landed, caught some fish, walked up onto ridge and flew home again.

    There are a bunch of French pilots who are doing "Combo" flying - combining skiing and flying - - in the alps

    Now there is a plan hatching. Using my breakdown combination rifle - fly up into the mountains, shoot a chamois and fly home again - what could possibly go wrong???
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