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Thread: Look what I just found!

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    Look what I just found!

    Young Sam doing what he has learned to love. The only problem this morning was he got just a bit too good. I threw in the first ninety degree turn just to keep things interesting. Now maybe wearing his new dayglo harness has focused him, but he spotted the fallow pricket, and used his eyes, and the air scent to cut the corner and go almost straight to the beasty. Note to self, make sure to drag down wind and hide deer better next time. He does look rather pleased with himself though! Good dog that one just as promised Morena!

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    thought you would put a ninety in to try and confuse him ,that will teach you
    sam knows best
    sam 1 master 0
    glad to see the training going well and sam is getting so much more interested in the job at hand,
    many regards stone

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    Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2008 11:37 pm Post subject:


    "Mark he looks knackered!
    Well done young Sam!"

    Of course he does I just shot him! Dog looks a bit snoozy too. It's just his "can I have some offal now?" look.

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    Mark my friend you know that I ment the dog!
    More pictures please as I'm trying to decide on what type of deer dog to get! Lab, GSP, or Bavarian.

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