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Thread: .17HMR ammunition.

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    .17HMR ammunition.

    Anyone had this experience with .17 stuff?, You go out on the bunnies & it's damp, not raining, you have a brick of ammunition opened & are working your way through it, at the end of the cull you have some few rounds left in the case, on your next foray you have two out of five dead man's clicks, open a fresh brick & away you go.

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    I have used the thick end of 1800 rounds in 18 months and had to return some Remmington, I am not sure but I think one round barely left the barrel. So back they went.

    No problem with damp though, but I do try to keep them dry.


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    I've had few duff ones also with rem but can't say that i'd put it down to them getting damp,food for thought maybe.Its not ones youv'e had in the tumbler for 8 hours is it Steve

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    I've never had a problem with my 17hmr ammo (Remington 17grain ballistic tips), and that's after going out on some pretty damp evenings.

    Where are you keeping them? Mine are tucked into my jacket pocket until thery get stuffed into as mag.

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    Have always used the Hornady blue tipped jobeys & never had a problem yet.


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