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Thread: Bestfoxcall whistles

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    Bestfoxcall whistles

    Ordered a three pack of fox calls off ebay yesterday and they arrived this morning. Great service and the calls seem to work well. The steel tenterfield one will take a bit of mastering and I'm certainly not ready for grade 1 yet but I'm sure I'll get it to work providing I don't drown in saliva first!
    A big thanks to Rob for the great service

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    dont blow too hard start gently

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    After a tip on this site I bought one of those dead chicken squeaky pet toy to try, went out last night on the cut grass.
    Saw two foxes , sqeaked like mad...nothing, back of my hand ..nothing, reed caller...nothing. They were only interested in stuff in the grass. So long shots were taken, two foxes in the bag.

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    hi guys any body know were to buy the nasher fox call ...cant seem to find on internet im not on face book maybe can buy from there ...thanks

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    crossman you can make one in secs it a peice of tube flattened at both ends and a hole in two sides ,do one 4mm the other 3mm flatten the tube a little so its oval shaped

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