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Thread: help finding bullet heads

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    help finding bullet heads

    almost run out of 224 52gr amax. so has apparently most of the country. anyone know where worth trying?

    Cheers for any help.


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    i have loads of 55 bt here if thats any help
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    Cheers spud but it's the 52gr amax that shoots so well

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    you wont get any this year or possibly next
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    Not the news I wanted to hear! Back to the drawing board then

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    Try Karl at Alpin.... not sure if the 'circa 10 days' shipping time means he doesn't have any in stock though..... but looking at other bullets... some are shown as 'on request' with an orange dot whereas the 10days are green dotted, which is a bit more encouraging. - HORNADY 22 CAL.224 52 GR BT A-MAX


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    In my 22/250 I can put a 52gr A max or a 55gr BT on top of the same load with the same depth setting on the seater die and get exactly the same group and POI.

    Its worth a try.

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    I buy all mine from Reloading International, the service is good, they sort the export license for you, all you have to do is pay the VAT to get them released from customs, you can get expanding stuff too.

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    there are 700 for sale here.....

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    Be warned! The latest shipment of A-Max and SST's just came into my local Trading Post. They took about a 22% hike in prices. That will translate into much more for you guys, I'm sure. Stock up.~Muir

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