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Thread: what would you do next?

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    what would you do next?

    So this week I was contacted by a owner of a paddock over run by rabbits.
    The Paddock is surrounded by farmland covered in rabbits and the owner of the paddock it appears knows the farmer.
    Now I have so far cleared out one side of the paddock and have been asked back to clear out the other side.
    The paddock owner seems very pleased so far.

    I would quite like to tap up the farm surrounding the paddock and ask for permission initially to shoot rabbits.
    Whats the best tactic?

    Should I just knock on the farmer and explain that I am clearing rabbits for his neighbour and ask if he would like hi cleared?
    Should I some how mention to the paddock owner to have a word with the farmer?

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    A conversation along the lines of "the only way we are going to get on top of this problem is if we can do something about the source of them" and judge the reaction would be my suggestion. Be guided by how they react.

    Some farmers loathe horsey paddock types and would be pleased they are over-run with bunnies, some get on like a house on fire and will offer to have a word with the farmer.

    Play it cool!

    Section 161 of the Highways Act 1980 (England & Wales) makes it an offence to discharge a firearm within 50 ft of the centre of a highway with vehicular rights without lawful authority or excuse, if as a result a user of the highway is injured, interrupted or endangered.

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    if it was me i would ask paddock owner to try and set a day/time sort of meeting with the farmer if poss if not,do it yourself ,be better if it comes off someone he knows and trusts,good luck anyway and well done getting the perm,atb doug,

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    I think I'd play it cool too and wait for an introduction or if that doesn't happen approach farmer at a time when they're not busy, wearing your best bib and tucker

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    I'd be inclined to go around just to introduce yourself so he knows who you are, why you're round and about with a gun and reassure him you have permission, and ask if there's anything you need to know from a safety front (eg. if he's planning on putting any animals out, about to work the area with machines or if he's got any pregnant animals as you don't want to frighten them close to birth etc.)

    you never know what he might offer - softly softlee catchee monkey - if he doesn't bring it up, then it leaves the option that next time you see him round and about you can ask, rather than coming on too strong

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    2p worth.
    Try to plant the seed along the lines "i will do the best i can ? but they seem to coming in from the farm as well " do you get on with the farmer ! if yes suggest the next time they meet he explains this to said farmer and would it be ok if you his go to guy with a rifle deals with them on his land as well. then make it your job to meet the farmer and you may just get lucky .if not don't let your projectiles leave the land you are shooting on nowt more that a pinggg whizzer to piss someone off and force the loss of any play time.

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