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Thread: having a barron spell

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    having a barren spell

    despite being out 3 times a week ive hit a really quiet spell with the the deer , still to grass my first buck of the season yet , . and its not just on one bit of ground ,
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    having a barron spell

    Same here. Bucks have been non existent for the last 3 weeks round here. Plenty of does kicking around. That's about 8 trips out (two of us covering different areas so 16 really), mornings and evenings, a mixture of sitting and stalking, and not even clocked a fox.
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    Ditto for me - it's been warm and damp so there is a lot of fresh grass and browse growth that's both hiding and feeding the bucks. They can stay tucked up, eating from their beds and putting on weight before the Rut. Does have all snuck off to have their fawns.

    Also quite a bit of poaching pressure and from dogs has made them very wary. Any that I have seen have been away long before I can get close. I suspect they move into cover as I turn into the farm.

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    My chillers down so purposely not going looking hopefully fixed tomorrow so out in the evening for a birthday stalk .

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    My muntjac are being more elusive than normal however I am seeing a few roe about,btw happy birthday Norma

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    It has been quite with me too. I was out this morning and seen 10 deer but were all sika hinds and calfs, roll on October
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    I have only been out twice on the bucks and have seen 6 and shot 3 of them, to be fair they will start lying a bit low now for a few weeks.

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    To be honest guys its been an unusual Roe Buck season up to now in my area. Although I have grassed 13 Bucks now, all cull heads, it has gone very quiet over the past few weeks.
    As Tikka.308 has commented it is not unusual for Roe Bucks to go quiet at this time of year. I have always been of the opinion that as soon as the does start to fawn the bucks seem to disappear for a while. Besides this summer is much more advanced than last year, and basically they are sitting in a salad bar and don't need to move much.
    Perhaps the rut will be slightly earlier this year in some parts. It cant be any worse than last seasons...................on the other hand one never knows with deer and deer stalking.

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    I am the total opposite,i just hit 30 total ,there have been very few times i have not seen any bucks .All bar 3 have been shot in the evening , hope you guys luck changes .

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    Im opposite too. See plenty, shooting them...... Well thats a different story. Was out yesterday morning. Saw 4 bucks all together and about 10 does. Managed too get 1. But yest evening saw couple again but just seem to be very good at making an escape.
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