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Thread: South Yorkshire FLD?

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    South Yorkshire FLD?

    I know I've sang their praises in the past, but..... I got my renewal forms 12 weeks before my cert expired(June 2nd), no problem filled in on the day and sent back, 12 weeks I thought plenty of time, anyway had a holiday booked for 26th May -3rd June and no sign of a visit from my FEO, so I rang the dept to explain that my ticket expires the day before I return and get the reply that I need to lodge my guns with a rfd because they're so busy so guns lodged and off on holiday, on arriving back had a phone call from my FEO to arrange my visit a few days later, interview over with no problems " your new cert should be back with you in a few days, dragging on a bit now, so time for a phone call to see what's happening, " your cert has been signed and posted out on the 9th of June should be with you Weds 11th, have guess what no cert, another phone call " it was posted "LATE" on the 9th should be with you on Thurs 12th ........ no cert, another phone call to tell them it hasn't arrived and might be lost and get this reply "we can't log it lost until 7 days, so if it's not with you on Monday give us a ring and we'll see what we can do" now this is really pissing me off now ,my guns are in storage and racking up a bill and I just get the feeling I'm getting fobbed off, anyone else in South Yorkshire having problems?
    Rant over.

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    This sounds as if any grief would have been avoided, along with any storage fees from the RFD, if a S.7 permit had been requested from the FLD when it became apparent that the FAC wouldn't be issued in time. You did your bit by making sure that your renewal application was made in good time, so they should have at least been able to issue a S.7 temporary permit pending your FAC being processed. They wouldn't have liked to issue a S.7 because it reflects directly on their performance figures but cannot refuse if requested. Strangely enough a request for a S.7 often results in the FAC appearing shortly thereafter! Always best to deal by letter/email if a S.7 is requested as there will be less chance of being fobbed of with an excuse.

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    Had a variation take 7 weeks phoned up and asked if it was being sent abd they said it's been signed just waiting to be posted .... Arrived 3 weeks after that!
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