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Thread: Whelping box for a Labrador

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    Whelping box for a Labrador

    I know there are lots of plans for whelping pens on the internet they all vary in design and requirements, but I was hoping for some advice about the correct/minimum size for a Labrador. She is due her pups on the 28th although she may be early, it's going to be her first litter.

    Does anyone have some plans for a whelping box that I could use please? building it is no problem it's more the dimensions that I'm really unsure about.


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    As a rule of thumb, slightly longer than they can lie down, i.e. if they are on their side then nose to just after base of tail. I then square that measurement. If you are putting roll bars in that obviously must be in addition to that measurement.

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    Thanks for your reply, I was going to put the rail on the inside. How far out from the side of the box should the rail go?
    what height should I make the whelping box?


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    There is a pallet storage bin for sale in classifieds (others) perfect with a bit of cutting and washable mate used one perfect
    2nd page .
    cheers Norma

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    Thanks norma, that looks ideal unfortunately it would cost a fortune to ship it or in fuel to collect it.


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    The tank of an IBC cut in half is perfect size for a lab. Roll bars can be made from 40mm drainage pipe. I recently made 2 for 60 in total. The whole thing is water proof and very easy to wash out/disinfect. I'll put photos up when I get home.

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    if you aren't worried about weather but just a place of her own, the collapsable sides for europallets are perfect and can be folded/stored later. Add a pallet underneath and, with your blankets/rags, moisture won't be a problem. Think you can even get PVC euro size pallets.

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    I have used a kids inflatable pool for 2 litters, works a treat.

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    Thanks for all the advice, started to build one today as the size of the shed is quite awkward, will try to post a pic of my woodwork once it's finished .
    This is probably a daft question but I've been told so many variations. Megs due date is the 28th June, how early can she be? (my uncle who owns, trains and breeds greyhounds said she won't be more than 2 days either side of her due date, but one of my pickers up said she could be a week early/ late)


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    just relax.... she'll have them when she has them... and probably with a lot less stress on her and everybody else if you let her be.... Easier said than done I know..... but it sounds good.....

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