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    Lincolnshire Deer Group


    I saw a thread on similar from a few years ago, but I would like to get some more up to date info and anyone who may be a member.

    I am in the Royal Air Force and have recently moved to Lincolnshire. I have permissions for vermin but none for deer. I am keen to get involved someway with stalkers and learn more about it - I get a great deal of info off this site and have met some fantastic people, but I am looking for something more local.

    I have time and enthusiasm to put in to something, and I am very keen to learn more - I have recently done my DSC1 and have my name on the waiting list for the DDM which will entail doing DSC2 once a place comes up.

    Can anyone tell me if it is worth joining a Deer Group when you don't have any land/management to bring to the table - I am not after permission stealing or a freebie, what I want to do is learn and improve as a stalker and put something back if I can.

    I have made contact with them and have the forms etc but I wondered if anyone can shed any more light.

    Any thoughts greatfully recieved.
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    I'm in the Lincs Deer Group Karlbird and stalk locally. They're a great bunch. One of the main lads is also in the RAF. PM me if you have any more questions. Cheers, CornishOli

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