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    calibre question

    Hi boys and girls at the moment I have a hmr 17 for small vermin a 204 with digital nv for Fox and a 223 for Fox day time but not getting used much . Now the question is I would like a 243 so cover for Fox and deer hunting which would be best to do swap the 223 for 243 or go for 243 as a extra on my certificate. I have a open ticket and 5 permissions deer have been spotted on the land I shoot over . Would I need the farmer's or land owners to vouch for me that there is the odd deer or ? . I live in between leeds and Bradford any help in this matter would be appreciated cheers Craig

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    It really does depend on how you justify it to your licensing department. If you want deer to form part of the conditions for possession of the 243 then you will need 'good reason' in your justification for the application and farmers/landowners permission might be part of that.

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    Agree with above, have a chat with your Firearms officer explaining what you have put in this thread and see their reaction. If they are happy with an extra Firearm, which they should be, then start visiting the gunshops!

    As an aside, and my tin hat is now securely on, go bigger than 243 like 6.5 or even 308. Justify this as a pure deer rifle then keeping the 223 would be easily justified.


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    Cheers chaps for the information

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