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Thread: Pheasant shooting - what has that got to do with dog fighting

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    Pheasant shooting - what has that got to do with dog fighting

    Anyone else watching channel 4 and wondering why they put an extended piece on a driven shoot in a documentary about scumbags dog fighting.
    Trying to show british attitudes to animals or somthing or trying to make fieldsports look bad more like

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    Channel 4.............say no more

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    Indeed perdix- biased leftie ****ers

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    Watched about 5 mins and that was enough for me. They clowns need locked in cage with a pack of wolfs. It's the poor dogs I feel sorry for having owners like them. At the end of the day the dogs are only trying to please they c***s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bart308 View Post
    Indeed perdix- biased leftie ****ers
    Certainly is.
    I can never understand why anyone would take all the time to bond with,exercise,train etc a dog and then let it get ripped to pieces for their (the owners) pleasure.
    I have had a couple of bull breeds and they are cracking dogs if reared properly.
    What a crying shame that fools still feel the need to fight their dogs

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    Really did not get why C4 gave it air time - seemed to be some wanabe "gangsta" documentary maker trying to justify dog fighting by using shooting, horse racing and farming as examples.
    Not in the same league! At least it was not my TV licence fee funding this piece of cr@p juistifying the unjustifiable.

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    Watched about 5 minutes of it, sick minded people. I personally think all these breed of dogs should be banned. I know there are some genuine people who will keep them as a family pet but the majority of the times you see them they are with some scrott who has it as a status symbol.

    Makes you laugh that these so called hard men have to be filmed with their voices dubbed and dress up with every bit of their skin covered.

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    Similarly....what did anti-hunt vigilantes have to do with a programme on anger? It may interest some on here to know that film of individuals obtained by covert means without that individuals knowledge and permission cannot be I'd like to think that OFCOM's phone will be hopping after Angry Britain's 'Mean Streets' on Channel 5 last night; it WAS one sided, as hunting's powers-that-be told any and all hunts NOT to cooperate with the company making the documentary, for the reason stated above

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    All these type of dogs go hand in hand with criminals and drugs.If television crew can gain access that easy why cant the police or the RSPCA. If it was fox hunting they would be there like a shot.As usual all big men hiding behind masks talking complete rubbish.I also must admit that pheasant shooting was put into the wrong context along side dog fighting the producer must have been on drugs.

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