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Thread: Nissan D22 snugtop

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    Nissan D22 snugtop

    Nissan D22 king cab snug top southwest if poss

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    If you are strugling I have an Ifor Williams one but up in Anglesey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotdog View Post
    Nissan D22 king cab snug top southwest if poss
    I think I have an ifor Williams one in my garage I bought it for a project so not 100% it was for the Kingcab if you are interested send me the measurements and I will check it owes me 60 Near Devizes Wilts

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    Thanks boys but after a snug really

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    2p worth

    I got mine at a steal from
    real nice feller helpful as well.

    HardtopsUK LTD
    Unit 3,
    Bridgemead Close,
    Westmead Industrial Estate,
    Swindon, Wiltshire.

    SN5 7YT
    i collected mine and fitted it there inc the new glass and saved more . See if he has any that were ordered in wrong Spec i paid 890 cash for my 08 ranger just because it came in silver ho hum ? big deal my wheel arches are silver on the wildtrack i also inc a internal rear sliding window so i could clean the rear cab glass if needed.
    or Pickup 4x4 Snugtop Tops | Snugtop UK Retail

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    1 on lamping foxes 200 it's a cracker

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