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Thread: muzzle can moderators

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    muzzle can moderators

    Ive got an ace ultra s5 which I swap between my rifles, looks and feels bomb proof, is there another thats better out there and why you think yours is better, nowadays there is so many to choose from its better to ask the audience.atb swaro

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    I'm like a small child at Christmas with my new toy so I hope I'm not too biased, however if, money is not a major consideration then titanium is the way to go.
    For a muzzle can, you'd have to out rule steel as it's heavy and tip the balance and feel of the rifle. Then there's the aluminium models. They all attenuate the sound fairly well so it's an even match. I have experience of the ATEC Maxim and although it's light and can be dissembles for cleaning I doubt it's ability to withstand a couple of hundred centre fire rounds. Hence I plump for titanium with enjoys the best of all worlds. The only problem up to now was the cost and lack of choice. I posted on the forum last week about an answer to that particular problem!

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    Be clear on your priorities, i went down the titanium route for the reasons regularly given but I am disappointed regularly when i hear how much quieter some other mods. are. Starting again I would go Ase Utra as JCS suggests.

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    The problem with determining noise attenuation is that it is subjective. There is no accurate way for the average person to determine the degree by which any moderator will reduce the report of a shot. I've used "unscientific" means of using an app on my phone which verifies what my ears are telling me, there is no appreciable difference in noise reduction between any of the well designed mods on the market.
    If you have the opportunity you could ideally test a mod before you part with your hard earned cash but that's not always practical so that means you're left judging mods on their other merits as discussed above. Just my two cents.

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    I have a S5 and bought a CMM4 for a light weight rig . Only problem was the rifle hated it and shot 8" left and high at full correction ! light is not much good if you can't hit the target

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    mines au sl5 you can knock fence posts in with it ,but it works,

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    A-Tec Maxim is the way to go.
    Mine has stood the test of time on a .243, a .308 and a 30-06 without any sign of gas cutting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMcC View Post
    A-Tec Maxim is the way to go.
    Mine has stood the test of time on a .243, a .308 and a 30-06 without any sign of gas cutting.

    Agreed I think they are a first rate mod, its like this and I have tried many, some are lighter, some are shorter, some are quieter, some last longer, some look good, some look bad... the maxim ? it doesn't do everything brilliantly....... but then again it doesn't do anything badly either......

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    I would check out the new aimsonic mods.

    very well made, extremely light, changeable thread and great warranty.

    I could not believe how light the compact model was. About as quiet as any other muzzle can design with the exception of the jetZ.

    Alan Rhone Ltd - AimSport
    "If you don't belong, don't be long"

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