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Thread: breast bone saw

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    breast bone saw

    anbody know where to get a decent breastbone saw like the one in the bds gralloching dvd(not the sagem type with stop end) know david stretton sells them but he has no online or card ordering system

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    stainless saw

    Stalkers uk sell the Davd Stretton stainless saw 32.50 + pp

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    The 7.50 one from bushware is spot on!

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    I bought 24 stainless 22" blades for 33 off ebay and use a 24" bushman handle, ideal

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    I bought the Gerber one for 14.00 delivered, off the web, shop4gerber i think it was. I would not be without it now. I have done two roe does and one fallow pricket with it, it does make life easy.

    It comes in a handy belt sheath too.


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    Dave Stretton has a website:


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    i and my son have the bush wear ones in every motor wee own and at about 7 each they are a bargain have been used on many hundreds of red sika and roe over the years cant fault them easy to wash and can be carried on your belt if needed

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    Bone saw

    Has anyone tried the Pocket Boy saws?
    They look quite good and are of the folding type, I appreciate they are intended for wood but should be more than up to the job.

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    A sandvik joiners saw 5.95 doesent require to be anything fancy at all ,the blade will not snap when it gets twisted as happens to a butchers saw in experienced hands

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    I've got one of the Gerber folding saws: it comes with a finer bone saw and a wood saw, blades are stainless too.

    Unfortunately, they don't cut wood brilliantly and they're a bit long for sawing through the rib cage: I often end up damaging the meat slightly. Also, the folding design means that much gets stuck in the mechanism. Still easier than a knife though.

    I'm planning to get one of the t-handled ones that are designed for it: they have a blunt end!

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