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Thread: Single friendly syndicate place reqiured North of England

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    Single friendly syndicate place reqiured North of England

    Hi I have been loking for some syndicate stalking in the north of England now for the past 6 or 7 years but always seem to miss out. I'm not looking to wipe out the deer species I'm only looking to get the odd one for the freezer as the day out is more of what i'm about . i'm a shooter of some 30+ years experience taking various quarry (many deer and fox, Fox has been my main quarry for many years ) I still keep looking hoping to be in with a chance I am fully insured throught the game keepers organisation.
    I know the chances are slim but if anybody knows of anything or could put me in touch with anyone it would be greatly appreciated
    Heres hoping drop me a PM

    Andy Dullard (dully1963)

    PS . I'm from the Seaham area of county Durham
    Long range Foxing reach out and touch the red fellas

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    Hi Andy,
    I was in the same position for years... every syndicate place I applied for seemed just out of reach. So I decided to get some qualifications, I did DSC1 last year then earlier this year I just missed out once again because I didn't have first aid, so I did that and manual handling.
    A place came up on a Dumfries syndicate and this time I was able to tick all the necessary boxes and I got a place.

    I know there are always the "ney-sayers" who don't like the idea of a points based decision making system but that's the way it is these days, especially on forestry ground. You could get really lucky and find a private syndicate but they are few and far between.
    This is probably not the reply you were hoping for but trust me, qualifications speak volumes and make life a whole lot easier.
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    I think si has hit the nail on the head, qualifications do appear to be the route to take as more people are asking for them and if you have them and others don't it's only going to help your case. I keep trying to sort out some qualifications and experience but other things keep getting in the way, so get out there and get a few courses done and hopefully find a syndicate.

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    Duly book yourself on level 1 with john snow don at green lee not many syndicates that will take you up this way without at least level 1
    , Atb TomTom

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    thanks for the reply's will look into getting a DSC1
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    if you are only looking for the odd roe here and there booking days with reputable operators will work out infinitely cheaper and less hassle
    you may even be able to get your DSC1 and whizz through DSC2 if one of them is an AW

    that way you will be in the "box checkers" queue when you do want to get into a lease/syndicate

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    cheers might be a plan
    Long range Foxing reach out and touch the red fellas

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    Where are you shooting your foxes, are there no openings through that all my stalking has come about through doing vermin control, rats rabbit,foxing pigeon shooting have all eventually led to stalking rights

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