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Thread: Big kit bag help needed - army duffle etc

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    Big kit bag help needed - army duffle etc

    Hello all

    Bit of an odd request,

    We are needing a couple of big kit bags to carry night vision tunnel poles to and from events.

    Poles are 160cm (62inches) tall so need something big enough to carry them in (don't mind if they stick out the end of the bag)

    My ideal thought was a army kit bag, but at 36inches tall they are not tall enough to safely hold them when carrying, maybe need 50inches tall or similar with poles sticking out top.

    They are a nightmare to unload and load at shows, so need something we can carry easily a load of poles in and chuck in back of vehicle afterwards.

    Any ideas, or know someone who can make us something like below but a lot bigger!



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    Caravan awning bag might do the job??

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    Attwools marquee hire people in Gloucester might have something suitable.. Alternatively they (had) a bespoke sewing room which put together a taut liner fabric tarpaulin which gave me a temporary roof and walls to a 30x30foot am sure they could do it.

    Contact Poppins on here who makes roe sacks....

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    Had looked at those caravan awning bags, but don't appear very strong. Takes two people to lift all the poles, even though they are only thin diameter there are LOADS of them, so need them to be a tough canvas.
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    Poppins roe sacks, now thats a great idea.....searching...

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    Found a Northampton number on Poppins Facebook page, which i called and the chap who answered didn't have a clue who i was looking for.

    Have sent a PM on here, thanks guys!

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    Just as an afterthought. My experience with carrying poles tells me that an end loading kit bag is not the best form. A side loading bag like a big sports bag thingy or a simple rectangle with four fold in lace or strap up flaps has the advantage of not having to have two people, one to hold bag up and one to load, not having the awful clatter as you tip them out, and not having the risk of premature damage as the tips hit/rip the bag bottom every time they are loaded...


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    carp rod holdall. ebay:NEW NASH 'ROD HOD' LARGE CAPACITY ROD & TACKLE HOLDALL (T3118) CARP FISHING,Innovative storage solution for your rods, bank sticks, brolly and much more!Large capacity rod and tackle holdall. The lightweight design makes the Rod Hod very flexible. Great for the mobile angler and session angler alike.

    Accommodates 6 tackled-up rods and landing net pole.
    Luxury padded carry handle and neoprene shoulder strap that is interchangeable for left or right hand use.
    Reinforced webbings for maximum strength and durability.
    Highest quality, heavy-duty zips throughout.

    Main compartment is 63 (161cm) in length to accommodate brolly/bivvy.
    External pocket measures 49 (125cm) in length to accommodate bivvy sticks and landing net.
    External bankstick pocket measures 30 (76cm).

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    Fishing rod bag would be worth looking at especially beach rods.

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    Give TRIDENT SAILMAKERS, GATESHEAD, T:0191 4901736 a ring. Sailmakers have very heavy duty materials for all sorts of covers and are used to making one-offs.

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