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Thread: Roe Buck and Muntjac Stalking Berkshire

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    Roe Buck and Muntjac Stalking Berkshire

    I have limited stalking for Roe Buck's and Muntjac in West Berkshire mostly at weekends.

    PM me for details please.



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    Still some dates free. PM for info.

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    Cris, Hi.

    I would be interested in further details, please. I am based in Farnham, Surrey.
    Tony (Terrier)

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    Cracking night out yesterday with Cris, after a good stalk around and coming up on a few Roe Bucks and Does ( with a Doe nearly walking in to us!) I managed to take a Muntjac Doe. Was a grate nights stalk Cris is a really nice guy and knows his land well, I will be out with him again soon.

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    Thanks Joe. Was a good evening if a little wet but end result was a good one.

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    Looking to book dates late August into September for anyone interested in Stalking in West Berkshire.

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    Still some dates available. PM for details.



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