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Thread: Swarovski rubber eye cup

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    Swarovski rubber eye cup

    Im fed up losing the rubber eye caps and want to stick them on, what's the best glue to use? Thanks .

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    stickoflex automotive in black 14ish in a tube just like window sealer, don't get it on you and clean anyway with thinner any that you don't wish to be there,like liquid rubber and sticks like now't you have seen ,hard but flexible
    or do as i did got some free bee's at the shooting show then sent all my pals to do the same happy days spare caps for years better than sending away for them each time
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    Thanks paul o' al go and visit my friend at the body shop.atb bugsy

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    If you ring swarovski they will send new ones no charge

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    Done that a few times Swarovski and im starting to feel a nuisance, I would rather fix the problem than go through the same hassle for years to come ,atb bugsy

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