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Thread: Rifle Case Cufflinks

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    Rifle Case Cufflinks

    Hello All

    I am making handmade cufflinks which are made from fired rifle brass/cases .

    The cufflink has a nickle / silver pad set into the brass rifle case .

    The cases are polished to a high gloss then sealed to keep the look

    I can make these cufflinks from almost any empty rifle or handgun case or they can also be custom made to your specifications , so if you wanted a gold or brass cufflink pad not silver no problem .

    Cases I have made ready for sale are

    .338 Lapua Mag 14.50 per set ( limited number available) very few left
    .308 Lapua 11.50 per set ( limited number available)
    .308 FC 10 per set (brass & nickle plated cases available) reduced
    .243 Win 11.50 per set
    .243 Remington 11.50 per set
    .223 RG 17A2 11 per set reduced
    .204 Hornady 11 per set
    .204 Remington 11 per set

    ** prices include P&P**

    If you don’t fancy one of the above calibers simply send me some of your cases and I will make one of your choice. The photos attached are from my phone as my camera's computer lead has packed up ,i can supply more photos in a few days .

    Cufflink box is an extra 3.50 per order if required as postage is more
    BACS, cheque & PayPal all excepted

    Regards ……Neil
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    Hey Griffshrek

    Photos would be great mate, Ive got a mates wedding coming up would make a nice gift for the Groom, Best Man and the Ushers! ...



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    Sorry for pic delay

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    Ah you beat me too it!

    Nice one...

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    this man made me a pair of 30-06, my daughters birthday too :-) wearing them as I type in fact :-)

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    A pair of .338 Lapua Mag please.

    I'll sort out Papal when I'm home.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    A pair of .338 Lapua Mag please.

    I'll sort out Papal when I'm home.


    .338 LM put aside ready for you , PM on the way

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    A pair of .308 Sako please. Can PayPal you.
    Piglet shifted uncomfortably in his high seat;

    "Oh bother" sighed Pooh as he chambered another round...

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