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Thread: Sauer 202 accuracy

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    Sauer 202 accuracy

    Just purchased a Sauer 202 Elegance - 6.5 x 55 which has a shortened barrel to accommodate a moderator. Having just been to see it at my local RFD he told me that there is a possibility, albeit small, that with the 21" barrel accuracy may be questionable since they are "slightly" choked. He quoted a figure of 10% of those that have been shortened have problems.

    Do any other users of Sauer rifles with shortened barrels find this?

    Open and honest inputs gratefully received, thank you.

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    Mine in .243 is very accurate but barrel is factory standard. I've never heard of the barrels being "slightly" choked but it could well be true. Any chance you can try before you fully commit to it? I'm sure if there were accuracy problems your rfd would source you something else. The fact that he made you aware of this potential problem is slightly concerning. A Sauer elegance isn't cheap, either is a new barrel, so I would check it as fully as possible. The proof will be a few rounds down range.

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    Had one for years with a 20 inch barrel and was a tack driver with our without the moderator

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    Slightly choked?? Something doesn't sound right here!? I'm willing to stand corrected but I doubt if any modern sporting rifle will have any kind of choke unless it is designed for lead cast bullets. Someone feeding me a line like that in a gunshop would make me suspicious.

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    I had one for a couple of years, 270 cal with a 20 inch barrel. It was accurate just not my cup of tea.


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    Had my .308w shortened to 18" in the last few months. Worked up some loads and it shoots as well as before. There is more chance any difference is down to me rather than any thing to do with the rifle. I read up alot on the theory and practical findings on short barrels and found there to be an improvement with some calibers within certain distances. Since .308w was one of the calibers to benifit within any range I would be shooting deer at I cut it. No problems found. However with a 6.5x55 ( i have a factory standard one) I would not shorten as this is a cartridge with a slow burn time and barrel length required to allow for this. 21" may well still be ok but why not buy on approval of accuracy?

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    To clarify the position I had already bought the rifle from someone else, based on his description and use.
    It was then sent to my RFD and it was he who told me about potential inaccuracies with "shorter" barrels.
    Thank you for the info so far.

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    Ive just bought two brand new old stock blued barrels in .243 and .270 from a sauer dealer, i was also told they were choked, although the word 'slightly' wasnt mentioned. Dave.

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    Can anyone clarify if this is pukka gen about being choked? Ive heard once upon a time that .22LRs were choked and could suffer from barrel shortening..

    Re: slower burn rates, not that im an expert but surely this is a product of the powder, not the calibre and case?

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    I couldn't say if a barrel is chocked or not. I would suggest it would be a rather difficult process to perform and for what gain?
    So far as burn rates you are correct in saying this is a characteristic of the powder, however the ability to burn that powder and propel a given bullet to a desired speed will take a specific time and therefor needs to be contained within the barrel until the powder is burned. Ideally 100%. However given the cartridge, projectile, barrel and powder all things have to be adjusted in order the projectile can be fired to the desired speed while burning all the powder without excessive pressures. With that in mind some calibers/cartridge combinations can do this in a short barrel others need longer.

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