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    hello my name is Barry, Sorry for not doing this intro first and im not the best with computers either but i will try my best with this site. ive been stalking for about 9 years i use a styer .243 with ziess scope, I have stalked mostly in the scottish borders and the dumfries area, Roe, Fallow and Red.I joined a Forestry Commission Syndicate about 4 years ago and so had to do my level 1 and 2.I live in Newcastle upon tyne in the middle of a working farm with my wife and dogs.

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    Admin do ask that your first post is an intro, might be nice to say who you are before you ask for help

    I am sure if anyone knows they would be delighted to help once you have done this

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    Quite right Rob, an intro would be nice.

    Now Mr gearbox if you have been had over by whoever is running the syndicate then that is a shame and a dirty trick to pull on anyone. I am sure that if anyone can help they will but it would still be nice to hear aq bit about you, other wise it looks as if you have just joined to get your detective work done.


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    Gearbox i stalk in that area on the edges of the Forrest. Who is it that runs that syndicate and i might be able to help. Dont put his name up just send me a PM.

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    Hi Barry

    Look forward to you introducing yourself mate and participating in the site..

    As said above mate - bit much to get straight into a full blown on your first post

    Hope your fears are not factual, but if they are..

    Name and shame if hes a cheating b*st*rd and the facts are backed up by other syndicate members



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    Now that Mr Gearbox had edited his first post I haven't a clue what the question is/was.....

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    hi barry this should have been in the introductions thread but welcome aboard im from south tyneside
    atb tom

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    Thanks for that Barry. Now you can get stuck into who has been doing the dirty with regard to syndicate numbers.

    Chris, the original thread relate to Barry being sold a syndicate place, him being one of a small number, I can't remember how many. Guess what! it would appear that more and more members are coming out of the woodwork.

    That is a, probably incorrect, precis from memory.


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    Welcome to the forum Barry.

    I agree with Terry. Name and shame cheating b*st*rd. I think there was an advert in Shooting Time last year for a roe syndicate in this area...



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    Sadly it does happen all to often, there are so many unsrupulous people out there now the money to be made has sky rocketted.
    With even with the best intentions syndicates are very prone to go tits up, I believe even the venerable Griff has had teething probs with his ventures.

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