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Thread: caught in the fence?

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    caught in the fence?

    this afternoon i took 3 fallow of my ground , two does and a buck that was going back ,
    but want i did notice was that on a rear leg, it was missing from the joint down and all was healed up , nothing to unusuall, as i know this happens from being caught in a snare or wire fence , but this is the fourth doe in 2 years off this same piece of ground never a buck or buck calf , roe or muntys this has all been fallow does
    has any one else experienced this same level of injury to so many of the same sex?
    kind regards stone
    ps pics to follow as it was to dark when gathered

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    Check some scroat is not deliberately trying to snare them in the local area.


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    i hear what you are saying dave
    but i think this is a caught up in the fence jobbie ,just it seems i am drawn to shooting these animals and this last doe was in young, so reproduction was not s problem just maybe coincedence it was only does that presented themselves for a clean shot

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    Seems like they could have been caught on fencing, especially sheepnet fence with the big square holes in. You don`t need me to tell you that fallow move about from ground to ground so this may not have happened on your ground. I have found a few deer caught on fences before, as if they have misjudged there footing when jumping over and got a leg go in one side and the rest of the body go over the other leaving it stuck.
    Just a thought.


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    I'm with Wadas on this one. It could even be that its across a well used deer path and therefore causes regular casualties.

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    hi all this is the latest casualty
    meet tripod

    tripod was heavily pregnant and due to calve in a few days i would of said , but with no fat or meat on her self and no sign of any milk , i think this was the kindest option

    she was named tripod by another site mamber who saw her up close and personal

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    you definately did the the right thing there stone,iam so pleased you put her out of her misery after i went and missed her last week .well done mate,r.i.p tripod

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    hi tika
    not to worry as a clean miss is better than a,' i think i missed '
    but you are always welcome to try again

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    Well done Stone. Its a bloody shame to see deer in such a state!

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    thanks stone,well done again

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