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Thread: SD Christmas Quiz...the rewards!

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    SD Christmas Quiz...the rewards!

    Just thought i'd post a breif message to say thanks again to Ash and Emms for running the christmas quiz.

    I was one of the joint winners (after a few hours research on the internet ) and the prize was one of their leather goods.

    My Mrs very kindly got me a bolt carrier off HCLeathers for chrsitmas and so i thought i would use the prize voucher to get something that matched.

    Here is a piccie of the bolt carrier and the sling which is what i chose.

    Both are excellently well made and i'm sure will last longer than i will (and i'd like to think i have another good 50 years left in me 8) ).

    If anyone is thinking of a new sling, bolt carrier etc, they even do some nice looking gun slips amongst other things, then i can really reccommend these products, and to be honest they are cheaper than most alternatives found in the shops - and better made to boot!

    So, thanks again Ash and Emma. Cracking quiz, learnt a lot from taking part and got an excellent leather sling to top it off.



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    I take it your wife was out when you took the photo?

    Mine would go SPARE if I put my rig on the settee!!

    (Congrats on the win BTW!)



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    PC brigade will be after you, Mag in and bolt fitted in the house, tut tut. Nice kit. I treated myself over Christmas from the same leather worker. Absolutely delighted,

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    TUT only one tut bolts all theway back! 8)

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    Nice one Jim, looks quality gear! 8)

    I have one of Ash's knife sheaths and it's excellent.


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    A,up Jim

    Nice set up there mate..

    Youll have to bring em along to the next SD meet up

    Looking good 8)


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    Well Done Daft Dog.

    As the other joint winner, received my prize last week - an expertly crafted bullet box for my .243. It's exceptionally well made, has a press stud closure and a belt loop. Certainly the most useful thing I've ever won, I'm looking forward to usinging next time I'm out.

    Thanks very much to Ash for running the quiz and donating the prizes.

    It was my plan to get a picture up over the weekend, but time got the better of me. I'll post a picture, on the sofa, just as soon as I get damn dog off it.....

    All the best,

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    Cause the bolts in it was christmas .. doh he was waiting to see if he could get one of santas reindeer as they flew by

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