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Thread: A Dog and Doe

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    A Dog and Doe

    This farm has only just come out of a steward ship scheme so the margins are quite high around the edges of the woods,
    in turn it only leaves a few places to get a clear line of sight, there are 3 high seats including my one but the cover is waiting to be topped and is not the best quality so will be left until all the best hay is finished.

    I walked around the long way so to come in the right way for the wind and pitched up next to a very high fence protecting an instillation. To my left was a clear track of 300 yards and opposite a small wood and track.
    The gun has to point some where so I chose in front as deer should move out of cover and my guess would prove right later on….
    Half an hour in to my wait there was movement to my left so I slowly moved the quad sticks and gun around to track a large dog fox making his way in my direction.
    To be honest I was not going to shoot it as I didn’t want rattle the wood but the wind was going away from cover.

    25 minuets later out hopped a doe out into the low cover; she then walked into the thicker stuff!!! But luckily she came back out and it was know of never…
    Not far, but a neck shot stopped her as she stood…I was glad to go as the mozzies had been homing in on me for the last hour and a half….


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    Well done and nice read. I was a bit taken aback though - sometimes my mental translator from Brit English to American English gets stuck - as it did this time. Could not figure out why the "adherents of Islam" were homing in on you? Seems you used a term that I had heard before while deployed with some RAF lads in a very dry place.

    then clarity struck - we use the term "skeeter"

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    Well done, Tim! I had to stay in last night as it was my birthday and my step-daughter had Fed-Ex'd two lobsters to me for my celebratory meal...

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    Nice outing Tim , well done.

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    get in there tim

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