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Thread: Credit Card Bill ?

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    Credit Card Bill ?

    Hi All
    I've just returned from from my local Gun shop with the new rifle and me being me thought i'd buy some more goodies while i'm here and guess what before you know it the credit cards been well bashed !!
    Now do i tell the good lady outright being the man of the house and risk no roast dinners for month or do disceetly hide the bills when they come and risk having my gonads chopped off when she finds out ??
    I know a fare percentage of you must have been there yourselves and i would value your comments

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    Saw a comment on AR, A man buys a gun at a gunshow/fair, did he really buy a gun if his wife doesn't know? a little too twisted for some 8)

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    I'll tell you something guys, When I fall off my perch for good get round here quick.
    There will be some really cheap kit going.
    Everything I buy is declared to the boss as costing half of what I really paid 8) If she knew what I really paid I'd be starving for months
    I never keep the Boss short of money, it is just that she is happy with what she has and, compared to what I spend, that makes me feel very guilty sometimes

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    Can't you claim some kind of identity theft?

    "Honestly, those Nigerian fraudsters get more and more cunning..... I buy a rifle for 50 quid, and my statement somehow shows a transaction of 500!! Leave it all to me Darling, I'll sort it out...."

    Good luck.....

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    Mummy, mummy. mummy why is daddy running away

    Shut up son, and keep shootin'

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    With over 50 years experience of lying to her about the cost of my latest purchase I can offer some advice.

    Never ever admit to more than 50% of actual cost !

    You got a super bargain from your mate, he bought it and didn't like it !

    You have borrowed it !

    Never use a card, stick a few bills in your gun cabinet each week/month and when you have enough, go shopping !

    If you develop this theme you may be lucky enough to finish up like me 'cos we now have separate beds. Hers is in Leeds, Mine's in Bradford.


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    On a similar theme I've a friend who discovered, to his joy, that to his wife one fishing rod looked very much like another and so if she didn't see them all in one place she had no idea how many of them he had. In fact if she never saw more than one at a time it seemed that she was of the view that he only had one.

    Clearly this situation is very "wife dependent" as some might be more astute than others. However, it occurs to me that a similar tactic might work with rifles. Clearly it would be necessary to make some effort to ensure that all the rifles looked approximately the same, trying to pass a bright pink one off as the same rifle that was seen yesterday in black is never going to work.

    My friend with the fishing rods recently sold 17 rods that were surplus to requirements but he still has a healthy stock so his "plan" has some considerable merit.

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    credit card bill

    Funny stuff this guys.

    I did get away with it myself long ago when I was fishing, but she kind of knows what guns I have & if one looks a bit different then I get the "is that a new one"? question

    So I just use the old I'm changing them around & upgrading them blag!

    Its not costing any money!

    We did last year have a Danish guest over though that had told his wife he was away in Germany with work for the week, whilst he was in the UK Roebuck Hunting!

    I think she checked hais kit & saw some was missing & it kicked off bigtime when he was here & got rumbled!

    Regs Lee

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    myself and Mrs Hugh have an unspoken agreement: I don't question her new handbags/ shoes she doesn't question my new guns/ motorbikes.

    I will say it did fall out of bed recently in that, after a pretty bad smash in '98, I told her I would stay away from fast bikes, but the option came up to swap my midlife Pan European for a very nice limited edition Honda SuperBlackbird. She noticed the new paperwork (3 weeks after I brought it home) and asked whether it was an upgrade on the Pan, to which I answered yes.

    Little did I know she would Google it : "The Honda Super Blackbird was introduced as the worlds first true 200mph production motorbike"

    And that my friends is how fights start!

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    Man up

    To be honest I am straight with the wife I just tell her what I am going to have. Being a Scotsman I am always keen to tell her how it is the bargain of the century and sell it as a saving of £500 rather than an outlay of £1500.

    When she tells me you can never have too many hand bags she gets the reply that it is the same with guns. She is quite good and doesn't speand too much. a few years ago though I caught her out. She had on a nice pair of trowsers; I said are they new she replied she had had them for ages. I told her she had better take the label off then!!

    I laughed about the incident. If the boot was on the other foot I think things might be a bit differant.


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