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Thread: camo netting buy or borrow

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    camo netting buy or borrow

    Hi I am looking for some camo netting
    I am around the lanark area
    Got to have a go at the crows but lost my netting flitting to the new house does anyone have one or two I could borrow or buy

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    Try the army surplus shop next to the train station in lanark. One eye mick will have some....scott

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    Hi Alan413 I have one or two nets you can borrow or buy if you want.

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    Just got mine from An Dru Fox on here - you can borrow it if I can tag along for some crow shooting (if you need any help that is).


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    Larank did not have one
    I ended up standing at the end out a building
    Shot 38 jackdaws and 10 doos
    Thanks for the replies
    Bed time I think
    Was out for a buck at 230

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