New in from OBS to fit the Accuracy International (AI) .308 Sled inserts in place of your magazine to allow you to load easier single shot rounds. This sled is made from the same durable, long lasting Delrin® to ensure a lifetime worth of use. The sled can be used in place of the five and ten round magazines also meets most match rifle rules. So far it has been tested in the Ruger Scout, AI 308, and the Badger and CDI bottom metals made for bolt guns to accept AI mags. Also tested in the Elisio RTS using the AI mag.

Q: What is a single round loading device?
A: Its a single round loading device. It is basically a magazine that holds no rounds. Its purpose is to allow the loading and firing a single round at a time.
Q: How do I clean the OBS?
A: Being made of Delrin® (Polyoxymethylene) the OBS is a very durable and is not affected by gun cleaning solvents. You can use a cloth and WD-40 to clean and shine the OBS. Disassembly of the OBS is not recommended as the bolt-lock plunger is lubricated for
life with "The Ultimate Weapons Lubricant" MILITEC®-1

I have TWO 308's and THREE 223's in stock
£49.99 each delivered In P+P .