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    Anyone in west berks who does a lot of reloading who would be happy to show me the ropes?
    I am based nr Reading.

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    Nick, do you have a reloading manual? It's a pretty straight forward operation.~Muir

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    Ah. Does it explain the reloading procedures well? I'm guessing it doesn't. I always recommend the Lee book. (Modern Reloading Vol II) Some people object that it has too much "advertizement" for Lee Equipment but it does go into great detail on reloading procedures and lots of useful stuff like pressure, reduced loads, calculating ideal powders for a given bullet... it is really a fine work. I use it above all others. The last kind of manual i'd recommend is one from a bullet maker. Powder makers are the best source of data. Lee did his book in cooperation with Hodgdon so you get data for IMR, Hodgdon, and Winchester as well as others. ~Muir

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    i'll give you a lesson in teh basics if you want - i'm near J14 M4.

    pm me your number and we'll have a chat


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    Hi Nick,
    You will do well from watching and learning from someone who knows.
    It will give you confidence.

    Check site like theses it will give a rough idea.


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    Just like to thank Offroad Gary for his showing me the ropes on this reloading lark and reassuring me that I am unlikely to blow my head off doing what i am doing!

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    dont you dare tell anyone i own a cleaning rod, i'll be laughed out of the R93 owners club!

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    shot some of my reloads and i am still alive and my gat is still intact so all be well

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