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Thread: Can foxes tell if an electric fence is on?

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    Can foxes tell if an electric fence is on?

    We keep chickens, they are penned in with a mains powered electric fence. When running the fence arcs and produces a noticeable clicking sound.

    I was up early this morning and looked out of the window to see a fox sitting a few yards outside the chicken pen, with the chickens looking back at him. I got my T3 243 out and wiped the smile off his face.

    I have never seen a fox anywhere near the electric fence, despite seeing plenty of foxes around. I checked and the electric fence had been unplugged, so I was wondering if there was a link and the fox could tell it wasn't on and was going to try his luck. Or was he just making a visit to the zoo to watch the pretty animals?

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    IMHO they can sense it.
    Too much of a coincidence that when a fence goes down they get in.
    Similar with most animals, sheep, dogs or horses.

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    I think they notice it's on when they touch it!

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    If they're anything like dogs, one shock and they've got the message. But foxes will frequent the area anyway because of the goodies on offer, looking for a chance. Even battery powered energisers make a slight noise and I would not be surprised if they have a go if they think they can.

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    we have a free range chicken farm and can tell you that foxes do not bother about the electric fences one bit, when they want to be in there in. I have lost count how many i have shot now inside the paddocks, i have seen foxes clear the fences with ease. The trouble we have now after farmer has put an extra wire rung up deer have now been caught up and had to release a few now luckily they have been ok up to now. the smell from the chickens pulls foxes in for miles and they just keep coming all you can do is keep shooting them, foxes are very clever and eventually work out how to get in I have now got permission to snare inside of the paddocks along the fence line is and were they use the post cross members to run up to jump out, Its just a full time job keeping on top of them,atb wayne.
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    One of my permission s has about 100 acres of eletric fencing and is slotted with foxes, although im working on that lol.
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