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Thread: Last nights storm

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    Last nights storm

    Wow that was impressive ,down in Berkshire it started about 12pm and lasted ages trying to sleep in the truck was impossible as it was so hot and the thunder and lightning was like something from meresides welding shop ,three bucks shot that evening no show of any deer this morning though they were all scared to death .Norma

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    out long range plinking followed by a foxing run.

    never seen a thing after the storm, and it was fantastic, i was sat on the highest point in Hampshire and seen and watched it for close on 2 hours. a few trees down branches and foliage etc,

    just wish i could have taken some footage but i could not see past the rain.

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    I had to go to Wolverhampton yesterday so missed it completely. Did here a yip yip at 1.30am so looked out the window and there was an urban fox with a Black Country accent......
    Off out tonight for a fox so hopefully the storm is over and the fox is out.
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    Was awoken around 01:30 by a distant rumble and thought it was a military helecopeter, as they train in our area. Then flashes and thunder coming nearer. One flash and Massive bang from a strike no more than half a mile away. Overall the bangs lasted around half and hour, however, the funny thing was that our four year old grandson slept through it all, as did our dogs.

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