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Thread: I have just received a ...

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    I have just received a ...

    telephone call from Malcolm, with an update on the weekend hunt that he and the three stooges are on. It appears that the weekend has gone well and the score is three Roe and two Fallow.

    Andy = a nice white Fallow
    Fester = had two
    Wadas = got two Roe

    They were getting ready for their breakfast when I spoke to them, and Wadas was cooking It would appear he has a double celebration, not only his two deer but he now has using a frying pan on his ticket as well as teapot, congratulations Wadas


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    Just having Brekkie!!!!

    There must be some sort of time difference between North and South of the borders now a days.

    I'm sure there with be some laughable stories to be read over the next couple of days.


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    Well done guys! 8)

    Looking forward to the after-banter on here....


    p.s. John, I make that 3 fallow, two roe?

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    Wont spoil the write up but the infamous ditch claimed another casualty

    Great result for the lads Malc and Sandra

    Looking forward to reading all about it


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    Well done, Wadas,Tika,Fester. and of Malc & Sandra and Iím sure Todd played is part.
    Sounds like true to form they had an eventful time and thatís not including the deer.
    Look forward to seeing the write up.



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    Well I am using the admin log in route with my lap top as the other computer I have is playing up.

    For once the weather was good and on arrival with Sandra at the self catering B/B which we frequently use I found Wada's, Fester and Andy in deep conversation with the owners wife, who was plying them with fairy cakes

    First outing on Saturday produced a yearling Fallow Buck for Fester in a large wood off the edge of the main lease I have.

    Evening stalk I put Fester and Andy together in the same wood, whilst myself and Wada's stalked the north side of the 2,700 acre area I have. I stayed back whilst Wada's stalked into a Roe doe he had seen in the falling light off the edge of a large block of woodland. Tuns out there were 3 doe's and only one left the scene.

    Todd found the second one laying in a hedge about 30yds further on from where Wada's had shot it. On our return to the larder we found that Andy had taken a large white Fallow doe at the back of the block of woodland he and Fester were stalking. Andy's first Fallow, and it was warm congratulations all round.

    Sandra joined us that evening for dinner as she has a heavy cold at the moment, although that did not deter her from stalking with me and Fester the following morning.
    On our arrival back at the B/B Wada's jumped out of my truck, and fell straight into the ditch that Terry parked his truck in a few months back

    I didnt laugh honest.

    Sunday the lads split again and by the end of the morning Fester took another Fallow doe.

    So result was Fester 2 Fallow, Wada's 2 Roe doe's, Andy 1 Fallow doe.

    Not bad in 3 outings. Good weekend with so much laughter, and a good evening Saturday with Robin joining us all at the pub.

    Heres to the next time lads, and looking forward to a couple of weeks time when both Sandra, myself and Todd will be in Dorset, and Terry and Wadas will be joining us for a go on the Sika on my lease.



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    nice write up malc
    my turn now, just a few lines about my first fallow and first deer whilst stalking on my and fester parked up at the top of a large block of woodland and set off, as we started are stalk down the first ride we decided to split the wood in two, fester asked me where i wanted to go and wait and i said down to the right hand side of the wood and he would go and wait where he had shot a fallow in the morning.i set off stalking steadily up over the hill to my right, as i got to where it leveled out i saw a fox which went on its way (lucky fox) and i slowly made my way down the other side, then as i dropped down the ground drops away gently to form a slight valley with a small stream in the bottom, i follwed along the left hand bank looking for a suitable place to sit and wait.first of all i perched myself on a tree stump and gave it 15mins but wasnt over happy so i moved slowly back along the bankside, i then found a nice area to look i stood leaning against a tree i spotted 2 roe coming out of some Rhododendrons they went off up the other side from me around 150 yds away next thing they were back down the hill after some crows started to mob at something which spooked them, i kept on glassing around wondering where or if they would come out, next thing they were about 30yrds in front of me coming out of the undergrowth, the wind had decided to change on me and they were gone .with perhaps around ten minutes of light left i kept on glassing around then next minute from out of a huge area of Rhododendrons i saw a white fallow doe making her way through the undergrowth down towards the stream, i kept on looking to see if there was anymore but couldnt see any with her, so i got the sticks out ( big eka,s) sticks he lent me to try which he had made, and waited for her to come through to get a clear shot, next thing she stopped around 60-70 yds off me and i thought shes going to get my scent because the wind was still wrong for me, i got my rifle on to the quad sticks and couldnt believe how steady they are, and dropped her on the spot with a 150grn .308 soft point.i reloaded straight away and then saw another fallow which was soon away.i walked up to the doe and started to gralloch her and thought i had better tell fester where i was , he answered his phone with, did you get it i heard the shot, he was with me within 10 mins and we some how got it in to festers new harkila roe sack and i mean new he got it that day,we got it on my back and bloody hell off we went,finally when i got over the hill i couldnt go any further with it on my back fester then dragged it for me for a while (good old fest) then we dragged it between us.were we glad to see my truck.if i have made any mistakes in this forgive me as iam ready to hit the sack tonight and i will read through it in the morning.thanks to malc sandra fester wadas and of course todd for a great weekend.and malc a big thanks for trusting me again to stalk on my own.
    p.s malc me and the lads will have you out on our lease again before long and this time its are turn to find you some deer

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    Well done Andy another first,, 8) shooting a white fallow lucky boy & stuffing it into Festers sack in a wood .. there used to be laws aginst that sort of thing

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    Great write up guys..

    I thought one of the usual suspects had just dipped into the piggy bank for a very expensive camera..

    Bring the pickies on lads..


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    im sure the photos will be on here soon terry, iam sorry to say that i dont have a photo of me with my first ever fallow.because by the time we got back to the lader we were running late to get out for are meal so in the rush fester cut the bloody head off it .

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