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Thread: leupold vx1

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    leupold vx1

    anyone have experiance of the vx1 models? was thinking of a vx1 4-12x40 for my 17hmr. cheers

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    in all fairness ive never owned a leupold but i have looked through a few in daylight and at night and to be fair even tho they do have a large following i find them very over-priced for what you get , not so much the build quality but the quality of the glass seems to be lacking, there certainly not junk but i do think you could spend your money more wisly else where

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    I have got a XV1 centenary model 3-9x40 on my .22. I have just been out with it for a walk around. I love it, for a rimfire scope its the perfect size and weight. They were a lot cheaper when I bought mine. For lamping, the crosshair is a little on the fine side (mine has the dot as well as the cross) and I would want more magnification on a .17hmr. Before I sold my HMR it had a Doctor 8x56 on it and a 4-12x weaver before that. Both worked fine.


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    I have actually owned Vx1, Vx2 and Vx3 models
    all variable 3-9x50, 4-12x40 and 6.5-20x40
    I had them all on .243, 270, .22WMR at various points

    The VX1 is a very good scope for the money
    I disagree with the comment on build quality
    they are an all metal scope (or they were) and that can't be said for a lot of the high end scope
    The zoom collar is nicely figured and most have a single bump which is very good for feeling what power you are on without looking
    I have no experience of the target turrets but all the coin slot varieties can have aftermarket turrets fitted in place of the caps

    As for glass quality they are not going to blow the german glass purists away ...but then comparing a 200-300 scope to a 800-2000 is a bit like saying the seats in my subaru legacy are not as well made as the ones in my Ferrari!

    They are clear, I never had any real issue but then I don't shoot in the real fading light.
    the higher end VX3 i really liked
    to be honest whilst it was a higher mag and a 30mm tube had a specialist reticule (which I really liked)...I am not sure the price is justifed over the VX1 and VX2. They might be a little clearer but without a side by side comparison I think you would e hard pushed

    my VX3 was nearly 800 new. that's German glass money, even 2nd hand
    The VX1 is a good scope and it fits neatly into a price bracket below the Zeiss' and some of the non mainstream german brands

    the only reason I sold them was I moved all my rifles to fixed mags

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    I have a VX1 on my 7mm-08 Tikka. It's absolutely fine until the very last light. I don't intend to change it though as it is more than adequate for my needs.

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    I had the 3-9 VX-1 on my Tikka 270 and loved it. Shot deer out to 300 with it. No frills and good reputation for the $$$.

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    I like my M8 but they are not as good as my swaro, but they were half the price, my rifleman is what it is a good cheap scope. the one thing I can say is they have been on various calibres and never had a problem with them.

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    Where in the Borders are you, I have a VX-3 and M8, not the model you are interested in, but you're welcome to have a look through them

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