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Thread: X Trail Dog Guard

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    X Trail Dog Guard

    Before buying one off eBay, just wondering if anyone has a Nissan X Trail dog guard for sale?

    For a 2007 X Trail.


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    I use the vehicle supplied net with carabiners to clip to the D rings in the vehicle and a cane along the top of the net (located into the two top D rings) to hold it taunt. The cane is not needed for safety / strength. Costs nothing and easy to drop down with seats when need more room. Mine is 2005 model so could be different I guess. Hope this helps

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    Thanks for that. It must be different as I have no net with the car nor anything that looks like a net would attach. Strange!

    Thanks anyway.


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    No problem - you have the first of the latter model so that probably explains the difference

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