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    Hi folks, has anybody hunted boar in Poland with the above???

    Thanks in advance for any info


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    I haven't actually been shooting with woodmill, but I can vouch for the owner Steve Wade being a decent guy and good to deal with- we do some agricultural contracting with him and he usually turns up for a chat about shooting.

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    Steve Wade is a great guy and a very trustworthy character, I'm sure he will do his best for you.

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    Cheers guy's, still checking out some other possibilities at the moment, but Woodmill is very high on the list


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    I have never shot boar with Steve but he was the first person ever to take me stalking and I have been out with him many time.
    He is nt cheap but his deer stalking is always excellent and he is a great cook


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    Have to give many thumbs up to Steve. Can't fault the guy on his Fife operation. Got me my 20 pt red in October last year, in the rut.


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