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Thread: Stuck on a scope!

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    Stuck on a scope!

    Hi everyone I have a zeiss conquest 6.5-20x50 in silver what I am going to put up for swap!

    But this is where you guys come in what should I be looking to swap for?? I do not no what are the good scopes with high mag at that end of the market! Thank you

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    why would you want to swap it? youve got a good scope and to be honest with it being in silver i think people will try and lean on that to get themselves a better deal from you. but with all that said i also know what its like to want a new toy

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    Good luck with finding a scope that has better ratio of magnification, optical quality, simple target turrets and low weight. I wouldn't know any. I have three 6.5-20 conquests. Just get it sprayed black or put cammo tape on if you don't like the silver.

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    The reason I am looking to change is it on a custom rifle now what is for foxing at night and I do not think the 25mm is that great at night and the ret is got to much going on it was a great scope on my 223 but do not feel it the right on for this gun!!

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    i hav the same scope but with a no4 ret , leave it on x8 and its a perfect scope for lamping , daytime i can use the variable mag for a little longer rabbits/crows, to me for the money these scopes are superb, i had a s&b 8x56 ( which to me sounds like could be good for you , however how far will you be shooting at night, with NV?) but i wanted more mag , to me the conquests is the best of both worlds for me , i cant afford scopes 800+ so these are really my maximum limit and im more than happy. i sold my first 6.5-20 a few years ago and regreted it ever since , this one i doubt very much i will sell as for the money it does everything i need

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    A 30mm tube is no better at night it only gives you more adjustment

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    Conquest is a great scope. My only issue is that for me, 6.5 is to high mag to start with. I prefer lower.
    as said there is no difference between 25 and 30 mm scopes except adjustment.
    oh and if you are intending to you the scope with nightvision then they are not very good. If you are using a lamp then it is fine.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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