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Thread: New roof mounted lightforce lamps

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    New roof mounted lightforce lamps

    Has anyone got one of these, I have a remote with a normal handheld striker 170 on it, what's the difference except the handle? CheersCheers

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    I have just put one on the landrover . Paid 120 from Trent Firearms . It's the same head unit but with a swivel to allow tilt which you lock in place to suit your roof line . The cable connects directly to your remote . Which removes your additional switch . It's a much sturdier solution to screwing it into the bottom of your handle . I was going to do the same as you but having seen the other option I decided to keep the hand held available for walking with

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    I think I might buy one, do you keep it on permanent then, or is it a plug in type connection, don't like the way the wind catches them whilst driving tho.

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    Yea leave it on and turn it towards the back as it's a little more aerodynamic that way round . But then again it's mounted on a defender so it's not reaching break neck speeds

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