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    Help with load

    I have a load for my 308Win of 44.5 grains RL15 with a 150 grain Hornady flat base spire point on top and CCI primers in Lapua cases to a COL of 2.735 inches. I haven't shot any deer with this load yet but have a sneaking suspicion it isn't going very fast, in fact it might not be quite fast enough to be deer legal. I hope to shoot it over a chrony very soon, maybe next weekend. It is accurate and there are no signs of pressure, I had worked up to 46 grains but it wasn't as accurate.

    Now, I've looked at all the books I can for 150 grain loads in 308 with RL15 and the starting and max loads vary greatly. In fact I've seen some books print 45 - 49 so their starting load is above my current accurate load. Sierra print 40.4 to 44.8 and as that was the most conservative load it was the one I was following.

    Is there anyone here with some internal ballistics software that could run my load to see what my velocity might be out of the 22.71 inch barrel on my Blaser? I only load for one rifle and so can't justify the expense of such software but would like some guidance as to whether I'm deer legal or not and I'm also interested to see how the actual chrony figures will match up to the software. Or are there any online resources that I could use to run my load?

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    Alliant's website lists 49.0 grains as maximum charge with a 150 grain bullet. (When in doubt, always go to the powder manufacturers reference: it just doesn't matter a hoot whether is it a hornady bullet or a Speer bullet or a nosler bullet. It's the weight of the projectile that matters.) You obviously have some wiggle room in your load.

    I'm curious. How "not as accurate" was the forty-six grain load?~Muir

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    Thanks for that Muir, I have seen book loads up to 49 grains but was staying conservative however I did some thinking and looking at my trajectory and have come to the conclusion that my muzzle velocity might be in the region of 2400 fps, this would not be deer legal here in the UK if it were to be the case. Others have suggested to me that 44.5 grains is giving me 2800 but I suspect that must be incorrect.

    The 46 grain load shot groups for 5 shots of 2 inches+ whereas my 44.5 grain load was about an inch. I know that a 2 inch group is not bad for hunting but for the confidence factor I am inclined to try and get as accurate a load as possible.

    It may be that I will have to do some more working up but was hopeful someone might run the figures and give me some clue, that way I might load a few from 46 grains up for my next range visit. I can only shoot at the range on Saturday mornings and I think I've had about 5 weekends off this year so I don't get much range time.

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    To be legal you need 1700ft/lbs at the muzzle . 2700 fps with 150grain
    bullet gives 2428 ft/lbs at the muzzle. You are well on the right side by my maths! Look at this This is what I get out of a 21 inch Sauer with 44 grains Varget.. hope this helps.

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    I need to make 2450 fps to be legal everywhere Richard and that is what was in my mind. I have a feeling that my 44.5 grains is not launching the 150 grains at much more than 2400 just judging by my actual trajectory. I am 3 inches high at 100 to be dead on at 200 and am 12 inches low at 300 with this load so I figure it isn't going as fast as I'd hoped. Others have said to me that 44ish grains of RL15 was giving them 2800 with the 150 grain spire points but I really am starting to feel that I'm not coming close to that. I may need to work up a bit further and, perhaps, follow Muir's suggestion of heading towards 49 grains. I've no pressure signs at present and have no great need for a lot of speed so I might work up from my current max at 46 grains and see if I hit another accurate load above that.

    I am going to try and borrow a chrony and see what my load is doing, hopefully this coming weekend, but would be interested in what the computers say it should be doing.

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    Well, the weekend didn't work out quite as I planned as the chrony I was going to borrow was broken in some strange way. It was displaying all sorts of odd stuff and rubbish and we couldn't get it out of metric. Or at least we think it was metric as anything fired over it was giving results like 777, the other possibility was that there was a digit dead on the display in which case I hope there was a 2 in front. The readings were also wildly different. For a load that shoots sub 1 inch groups it was giving a spread of 100m/s in velocity (assuming it was working metric). While I don't make any great claims for my reloads I think I would be seeing the effect of 330fps on the target. This was for the 44.5 grain RL15 load.

    So, I've loaded up some more batches of 5 rounds from 46.5 through 47.0 to 47.5 to try the next time I make it to the range. I was impressed by how well the 44.5 grain load shot today but think I could do with a bit more velocity.

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    Just to add, in case anyone is interested or following this while developing their own load, I have fired one round at 46.5, 47, 47.5, 48, 48.5 and 49 grains and none showed any pressure signs in my rifle. This is not to say that they will be safe in yours but the 49 grain max that Muir suggested and which I have here in a printed manual certanly seems reasonable in my rifle. I haven't done any testing for accuracy yet as I only fired one of each load. To be honest I was expecting to see some pressure signs before I reached 49 grains of RL15 and so had only loaded one of each for this reason. I will now load up a few at each weight and see how they shoot for accuracy and I will also be interested to see how the primers seat in the hotter ones next time around.

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    I just found a sheet of paper with some chrono readings taken years ago at Bisley and one of the rifles being tested was my Brno ZKK 601 in .308 and a load using 44.0 grains of Reloader 15 under a Speer 165 Grain bullet gave an average velocity of 2538 which is lower than the books says it should be. I have come to the conclusion that this rifle has a slow barrel however none of the deer shot with it have complained.

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