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Thread: Lone working

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    Lone working

    Anybody got any information about lone working and what to add ,or if any body got a ready made form could you let me know ,


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    Is the above link of any use?

    Whatever controls you use should fail to safe - If you fail to make contact they raise the alarm, too come looking for you.

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    I have built an electronic device. You leave it any where. It can send a receive sms text messages.
    When you start lone working you send it a text message, it responds acknowlegeing the receipt.
    It then counts down a set time.
    When your time has expired, if you have not responded it sends a message to who ever you like (someone else, police ect) saying, lone worker, over due and your last location.

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    Dunno wot type of job u do?

    But we bought my dad a PLB thing for christmas couple of years ago.

    Trying to mind the make Defolarme?? Intouch? i think, but it sends a signal every 10 mins so u can look up on the computer where he is and it cam also send an SOS message if something really bad happens.
    I think if u have a fancy phone that u cane work it can tie in with that and u can send and recieve texts anywhere in the world throu satelites. It could be used a lot better than we use it as none of us are very technical or have fancy phones
    For this type he pays a monthly charge but its worth it.
    U could buy a Mcmurdo? very common in NZ for hunters, about 100 quid 1 off fee but can only be used the once for an SOS if it really has hit the fan, air ambulance/mountain rescue job

    Has gave my mother and my father a big piece of mind as he works long hours on his own but also covers a big area so could be anywhere within a 50mile radius

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    Thanks guys it's loan working for deer stalking ,


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    There is a phone app called View Ranger GPS which will track you and send a beacon to your beacon buddy showing your route and current location. Free

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    Good free app if you've got a recent iphone:

    Road ID

    If you're well out of phone signal areas, then the best option is a spot tracker

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    We use Personal locator Beacons

    This is a passive system, so no-one knows where you are unless you trigger the alarm, which informs MCA who call the numbers you have entered when you register the unit.

    It uses satellite technology and sends your exact location to the coastguard, no need to worry about phone signals.

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    I use a SPOT device.

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