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Thread: My first roe buck this season.

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    My first roe buck this season.

    I've had a really busy period with clients again and though I promised myself never to go into June without pulling the trigger on a buck here I am AGAIN.
    This year was different, for many reasons the main one my great stalking partner Breeze was lost in a tragic accident at the start of the buck season. So it never felt right for me to stalk alone, further to this I have a new dog on the team and she has been coming on great despite only been very young and thrown in at the deep end. I purchased her last year as a bird dog, but when Breeze left me suddenly I had to have a dog with me. (A). It felt wrong not to and (B). I believe any pro should have a dog for the job.
    Well "Asper" has stepped up excellently and we went for a look out last night. Despite high crops I found a cull buck and me and the dog stalked into it for about 65m's. As we closed the gap the youngster looked like it was going back into the forestry. I knelt on my sticks dialed in 180 onto the scope and squeezed on the deer. It jumped and kicked out. A solid hit. I waited about 5 minutes before we walked in. As we neared it hadn't gone more then 4 m's it started to kick its last, beating a sapling with its back legs. Young Asper shot in and held it while it kicked its last. It was dead already but she has lots of promise.
    It was a big event for us and a day I will remember. It s one of the poorest heads I've seen in a long while. (perfect for me to shoot) but I may well have the head cleaned as it was one of those moments.

    Hopefully the start of many and our friendship is welding.

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    Well done john glad to see your out and about with your new stalking partner
    atb jim

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    Well done John!
    Asper looks like she's taken to posing for the camera as well as she's taken to the deer job ;-)
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

    "...Nicely just doesn't cut the cheese....." A new twist on management-speak courtesy of a colleague.

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    Well done mate ,Asper looks a wee cracker.

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    I she's a wee beauty John, many good times ahead with her!



    Alba gu brąth

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    Black beauty
    Well done.

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    John sorry to hear about you loosing breeze i lost my shooting mate marco back in feb and cannot find it in me to replace him yet..
    But glad Asper is filling the gap all the best ..

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    Well done John, and Asper of course

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