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Thread: dog cage/crate for back of freelander1

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    dog cage/crate for back of freelander1

    Im looking to purchase a dog crate/cage for the back of my freelander1 to house my bavarian mountain hound and my terrier.

    A look online shows lintran ones come in at 300 quid which is 200 quid more than i want to pay.

    I have seen cheaper alternatives online but would like ot hear from others what you use and what you recommend from personal experience.



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    Hi David - I use a 'domestic'-type dog training crate for the back of my Discovery, with a reversible cover (reflective silver on one side; shiny side in during the winter to keep 'em warm and dry 'em off, shiny side out in the summer to avoid having crispy dogs - not that they get left in the car in the sun to overheat, before anyone starts firing off e-mails!!!). I've got a springer, and a large-ish labrador/irish water spaniel/standard poodle mix of a thing, and the cage does the job, bit of vetbed or similar in the bottom, and the cover has plenty of pockets for leads and stuff.

    Cage cost about 50 quid, the cover about 30 (I think).

    Bingo!! In budget!!

    Job's a god 'un.....



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    dog crates

    hi david i do the same as merlin dog cage with bed in bottom and a cover when needed easy to get in and out plastic tray in bottom of cage great if any accidents slide out and wipe clean on long journeys
    atb tom

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