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Thread: Unexpected flight

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    Unexpected flight

    I was cutting the grass yesterday when it started to rain, so I donned my poncho to keep the wet at bay. There I was nipping around the garden with the poncho flapping in the wind, and as you know they are not small as they double up for a basha if required. Anyway the wind blew, the poncho flapped straight under the front wheel, the poncho shortened and launched me from the driving seat. I flew through the air like a cross between a salmon on a line and a kids kite, launched by my head and neck sticking through the poncho. The mower thankfully stopped once my rear end left the seat and the safety cut out took command, by this time I had landed and was firmly anchored by the front wheel.

    I know it sounds comical and must have been hilarious to have watched, but it just goes to show how easily accidents can happen, and demonstrates just how dangerous grass cutting can be, would never had happened on the quad with a rifle for ballast!

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    glad your ok jayb, any pics!

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    You make for a rubbish super hero, "Lawnmower Man"!

    Glad you survived tho!
    Cheers Ted.

    SACS Member. DSC 1.

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    Loose clothing and machinery don't mix happily do they! Was once driving a 360 excavator wearing my old Swanndri bush shirt which had various rips in it from handling fallow deer (another story). I jumped out of the cab to check levels and caught the Swanny on the slew lever as I went. There I was dangling from the cab with the machine rotating and about to chop me in half when coming round to the tracks. Just managed to get my feet against the cab and push away with all my strength and tear the rest of the Swanndri off and land on the ground.

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    It could have been worse JayB, as you might have joined another celebrity in the morgue .......

    The world famous dancer Isadora Duncan died on September 14, 1927, in Nice, France. She was killed by her long neck scarf caught in the wheel of an open automobile in which she was a passenger. She was pulled from the car and dragged before the driver could stop.

    The long scarf which she was wearing became caught in the wire wheels of her Buggati car, eventually stopping the vehicle. Isadora died at the scene and was later found to have sustained a fractured larynx and carotid artery injury.

    On that cheery note, it's best to end this tale ......
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    All the worse as no one got it on video. Either for us to watch or you to get your 250.

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    Ouch! hope you're not aching too much

    I did have an image about this bloke pootling around on his lawnmower looking like a mexican bandit, before cottoning on that you meant an army type poncho

    Badges? we don't need no steenking badges...

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    Hope you're ok john. Funny in hindsight, but not at the time I should imagine!

    all the best.


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    Jesus John thank God you're ok, if it wasn't for 'arse-on-seat cut out' that could have been horrible!

    I won't mention Kelso (oops ) but this isn't your year for staying on machines!


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    I feel sorry for Sheila she would be the one that had to unwrap the unpleasant package
    Glad your ok old yen

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